Rangers are protected by the divine abilities and elements of nature. With thier druidic power, ranger's can borrow strengths of animals to increase thier already ultimate attack power. With sharp eyes and amazing phsyical strength, rangers can shoot with tremendous speed at great distances.

Original Attacks Edit

Swordsmen have two different kind of normal attacks. One is a vertical slash and the other one is a horizontal slash.

Vertical Slash Edit

It is always the first attack of a combo string on ground. Vertical slashes are the only move a swordsman can use in mid-air.

The vertical slash can hit only one monster at a time.

Horizontal Slash Edit

The horizontal slash is always carried out as a second-part of the string, usually after the vertical slash. Horizontal slashes are the only move a swordsman can use while crouching.

The horizontal slash can hit a maximum of 6 monsters at a time.

Skills Edit


Sword Fire (Active) Adds the power of flame to the sword and strikes down the enemy, dealing a fire-elemental damage.

Required Skill: One-Handed Weapon Mastery [8] OR Two-Handed Weapon Mastery [8]

Required Skill Point: 1