Throughout the game, you will come across a lot of quests and receive pretty good EXP, money, etc. You will also be able to learn about the stories of WonderKing and about the bad Sinistry of Devils. Missions are harder form of quests that can be carried out with other party members. They are both essential factors to the game.

Quests Edit

Quests can be regularly received from town NPCs. They will reward you with decent EXP, Items, Zeds, or Skill Points. They are easy to complete in general, but quests focuses on training and guiding your knowledge in terrestrial and monster information. Many quests in WonderKing tends to overlap with other quests and matches the user's level with the appopriate difficulties, making the gameplay smoother and easier.

List of Quests

Missions Edit

Missions will be carried out in specified maps (instant dungeons). The system will run with one of the following themes: Offensive, Defensive, Combative, Preservative. Since some missions have time limits, you will feel some anxiety. Unlike quests, missions grant you rare items, loads of zeds and EXP, or skill points.

List of Missions